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Why You Should Use Meal Worms for Poultry.

your poultry deserve these, the best mealworms!

Hi, welcome to Lootbugs! Where we sell the best mealworms, because you deserve the best mealworms! This post here is for all your questions regarding HOW you can use our mealworms for poultry, and why you should.

If you’re a poultry farmer (of chickens, ducks or other similar fowl), you’ll want to provide your birds with a balanced diet that contains all the helpful nutrients they require for optimal productivity and health. This is where mealworms come in, as they are among the highest sources of protein for poultry. On top of that, they are high in other necessary vitamins like calcium, iron, and B vitamins. Because of these nutrients, feeding your poultry the best mealworms will boost your egg production. Mealworms will also boost egg production, in failing hens anyway. For more information go to (! (a helpful website we recommend)

FAQ about mealworms:

  • Can poultry choke on mealworms?
  • Chickens cannot choke on mealworms, as mealworms have simple easy to swallow bodies.
  • Can mealworms replace regular feed?
  • They should not, as poultry need to have a balanced that also consists of grains and vegetables.
  • How do I store mealworms for my chickens?
  • Keep them in a cool and dry area outside of direct light. You may also want a glass jar so that other bugs do not get to them.
  • Are dried mealworms dead?
  • Rest assured, they are completely dry, and thus not able to treat you with fun surprises such as forming pupae or turning into beetles.
  • But are they better dried?
  • When comparing the nutritional value of dried and live mealworms, dried mealworms have a substantially higher nutritional value when it comes to fats and proteins.
  • What if I have no poultry? Can I eat mealworms?
  • Yes you can! We have another info page all about that *here*

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