1 LB Organic Dried “Lootbugs” Mealworms

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At Lootbugs, our mealworms are organic and packed-to the brim with protein for consumption for your poultry, pets and even yourself! It’s recommended that you feed your mealworms as a treat to your ducks and chickens, iguanas and geckos, etc. as a helpful supplement and snack for your poultry/pets.

No additives are included in these mealworms, and they are raised 100% organic for YOUR nutritious, high-energy satisfaction.

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1 LB Organic Dried “Lootbugs” Mealworms are a great choice for your poultry!

We hand dry them and package them just for you.

We’ve grown these mealworms for the delightful poultry, reptiles or wild birds in your life.

Mix them in with wild bird seed to better attract species such as: Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Wrens, Robins and many others!

You can also utilize mealworms for universal fishing bait, so they’re great season-round whether it be summer or winter.

They make a great daily snack/treat for your animals, as our mealworms are packed with protein, making up 53% of their nutritional value.

With 0 preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients fed to our mealworms, trust us to give you the best quality mealworms. (And, if you feel adventurous, you CAN pop a handful as an alternative and healthy snack)

Instructions for use:

Feed your Organic dried Mealworms to your poultry either by mixing them in with your bird seed or poultry feed.

Alternatively, make them into daily treats, by handing them out to your poultry! (It could get you closer to them)


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